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“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

Leo Buscaglia

Our mission

Our mission and irrevocable commitment is to provide high quality learning experiences and solutions in matters of human resources to companies, organizations and individuals in order to improve their performance. Our goal is to continuously develop the knowledge and skills of our clients in order to meet their needs of lifelong learning and continuous improvement. An important differentiation of AA + Partners consists in the design and provision of personalized services according to the specific needs and requirements of each company, thus avoiding "ready-made" solutions and programs that are “one-size-fits-all”

Our philosophy

AA + Partners holds a comprehensive and in-depth approach to human beings as a central factor of the changes that occur in the business environment. In this approach, our company understands the capabilities and the prospects of the human resources aspect of a business, at a strategic and tactical level. Through specialized tools and diagnostic methods, our company is capable of clarifying issues related to the culture of an organization, its staffing efficiency, and the evaluation of its employees.

At the core of the AA + Partners’ philosophy is the acquisition and transmission of cutting-edge knowledge. The transfer of new knowledge aims to be a strategic tool for its partners, to further enhance their comparative advantage. AA + Partners with its specialized training programs, can meet every possible training need, covering the entire range of the organizational structure of a company.

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  • Νίκος Κωνσταντινίδης
    After many years of cooperation with AA+Partners regarding the training and development of the HR department of the ANADOMO Group, we truly believe that Mr. Anastasiou, and his company are the leading provider of human resources and corporate training services. Your company’s services have attached high added value to ours while it is well known that human resources are very important for the success of every company. A big thank you for all your support and encouragement. You honestly deserve congratulations for your work. Keep going designing with passion personalized solutions for everyone.
    Nikos Konstantinidis
  • Κορίννα Αλεξανδρή
    Our collaboration with AA + Partners had an excellent combination of professionalism and efficiency. Mr. Anastasiou is a man with incredible transmissibility who established an excellent contact with the trainees. The material was adapted to the level of the audience and easily "understandable". By completing the seminar, our staff gained rich and immediately applicable knowledge related to their work.
    Korinna Alexandri
    Manager | Blue Bay Resort Hotel
  • Θεοδώρα Χριστοφή
    Many thanks to Mr. Anestis Anastasiou and his entire team for the excellent cooperation. You perfectly designed, organized and implemented the events of our company, educating and at the same time entertaining our executives creatively. We enjoyed excellent provision of services by the specialized, experienced and friendly team of AA + Partners!
    Theodora Christofi
    Intertrans A.E.
  • Γιάννης Ασλάνης
    We truly trust AA+ Partners after a long and highly effective cooperation. Respecting the special needs of their collaborator, the team of AA+ Partners works efficiently and methodically to achieve maximum professional and personal development of the people it trains. In each of our collaborations, the results fully met our expectations.
    Yiannis Aslanis
    Grand Hotel Palace
  • Χονδράκης Γιώργος
    We have been collaborating regularly with Anestis for the last 10 years. We consider him a very remarkable collaborator, with a wide field of knowledge and perspicacity. He is always a flawless professional, with great adaptability and flexibility, strong transmissibility, always committed to the success of his work. We believe that Anestis's services can contribute significantly to the development of the human capital of every company. We would gladly collaborate with Anestis again in the future.
    George Chondrakis
    Director | Vasia Hotels and Village
  • Αντώνης Μιτζάλης
    We have been working with AA + Partners for over ten years to train our hotel staff. Their topics cover all modern hotel needs and the instructors have the necessary adequacy and a rich tourist experience. The programs we implemented found a positive response from all participants and helped us raise the level of our services.
    Antonis Mitzalis
    Hotel Makryammos, Thassos
  • Απόστολος Παλακίδης
    The cooperation with AA + Partners introduced the educational process in a higher dimension, giving added value to our executives’ skills and knowledge. The impressions of our hotel staff were excellent regarding the professionalism, the depth of knowledge and the consistency of the people of AA + Partners.
    Apostolos Palakidis
    Vice President Sales & Marketing | Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Thraki
  • Πια Αλεξοπούλου
    At Domotel Hotels & Resorts we have been systematically developing internal systems that monitor, train and develop our human resources. For the last 15 years AA + Partners have been supporting us with solutions that cover our specific needs and requirements and have helped to create easy-to-use and effective tools to serve our scope. Collaborating with Anestis is always pleasant, immediate and functional.
    Pia Alexopoulou
    Quality Manager | Domotel Hotels & Resorts
  • Νίκος Στάθης
    I had the pleasure to collaborate with the team of AA+Partners a few years ago during a corporate training at H Hotels Collection. Anestis was really effective and communicative, providing tailor-made training which my colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed. The most fascinating part was that Anestis managed to keep the whole seminar existing to all attendees. During the training we all had a really good time, while we were getting trained and we were creating bonds with our fellow colleagues, which was a great way to start the season.I am pretty sure whoever cooperates with AA+ will not regret it at all.
    Nikos Stathis
    Quality, Safety & Sustainability Manager | H Hotels Collection
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