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The tools and methods used, along with our performance history of completed complex projects, can guarantee the effectiveness of any assignment.

Human resource consulting services

With the support of a series of diagnostic tools, the evaluation is conducted simultaneously with the best possible provision of efficient services, always according to the profile and the philosophy of each organization.

● Vision - Mission - Values -Goals
●Organizational culture analysis
●Organization chart
●Analysis, specifications and job descriptions

● Creating ads and communicating available jobs
●   Collection, archiving and evaluation of CVs or job applications
●   Design & implementation of candidate evaluation tools (digital interview platform, psychometric tests, interview questionnaire)
●  Conducting interviews (by phone, online & in person)
●   Verifying candidate recommendations
●   Design & implementation of candidate evaluation centers

●   Targeting and aligning with corporate vision, mission, values and culture
●   Defining performance measurement targets / indicators (KPIs)
●   Design of performance management systems
●   Communication policy of the system: creation of manuals / guides of evaluators and evaluated
●   Training of evaluators and trainees
●   Statistical analysis of the evaluation results
●   Periodic review of individual evaluation
●   Connection with personal, team, and/or corporate development plans
●   Connection to a reward system
●   Development of motivation & reward programs

●   Creation of training policy & procedures
●   Training needs analysis based on personal, team and corporate development plans
●   Design and development of educational material
●   Implementation of educational programs
●   Evaluation of the effectiveness of educational programs (qualitative & quantitative)
●   Train the Trainer 
●   Design and development of corporate academies
●   Talent management framework design 
●   Development of succession plans 
●   Executive Coaching 

●   Job mapping 
●   Schematic representation of jobs according to their weight (job evaluation) and their degree of responsibility (job grading)
●  Defining a reward strategy: creating a remuneration and benefits policies & creating a pay scale
●   Design of an individual progression system
●   Design of a system of variable remuneration (bonus) based on achieving quantitative and qualitative objectives

●   Human Resources Policy Design (such as individual and group benefits policies)
●   Development of human resource policy operation manuals

●   Development of tools for monitoring the cost of human resources
●   Adjustment of human resources actions in order to maximize their contribution to ensure the company's competitive advantage 

●   Design & Implementation
●   Analysis of results
●   Outcome of conclusions
●   Suggestions for next actions
●   Planning and monitoring the implementation of the next actions

●   Company support in planning the departure of individuals (such as procedures, and internal communication of the departure decision)
●   Familiarize each participant with the program and its benefits
Assessment of skills, identification of personality traits and personal achievements
●   Career planning and action plan for reintegration into the labor market
●   Guidance in developing a CV and conducting interviews
●   Guidance on social networking issues (social media, LinkedIn)
●   Guidance for the evaluation and negotiation of job offers
●   Support for immediate adjustment to the new job

WITH an organized department of human resources management - AA + Partners:

Has the role of an external consultant
Operates in addition and in collaboration with the HR Department
Informs the management systematically about the development of the management of the HR system

WITHOUT an organized HR Department - AA + Partners:

Has a physical presence with regular visits to the company
Informs the administration systematically about the development of the management of the HR system

Educational seminars

Continuous staff training and the acquisition of new skills are the key to success and high efficiency. Staying in touch with all the developments and innovations that take place internationally, AA + Partners offers a high level of learning services.

● Corporate culture
● The integrated manager
● Motivation and team management for Managers, Supervisors, Team L
● Development of a business operations monitoring system
● Developing strategic thinking
● Managing internationally
● Business excellence & how to achieve it
● Effective project management
● Creating an organization chart
● Change management
● Crisis management
● Budget management
● Time and stress management
● Business operation manuals
● Selection & recruitment of suitable executives
● How to become more organization-oriented
● How to solve problems using brainstorming
● How to handle your public relations
● Coaching
● Training needs analysis
● Development of basic skills in project management
● Development of creative thinking & memory improvement
● Development of administrative skills
● Training of internal trainers
● Building Managerial Skills and High Quality Performance

● Effective Goal Setting and Organizing Meetings
● Creating high performance team
● Talent Management-Utilize the X power


●   Search engine marketing - social media marketing
●   Development of professional sales skills
●   Develop your customer base through referrals
●   Effective sales team leadership
●   Putting the customer above everything
●   Negotiations (Level 1,2,3)
●   Customer service & sales
●   Sales leadership in practice
●   E-commerce
●   Sales guidance
●   Directed to e-business
●   Sales maximization and profitability practices
●   Techniques for effective marketing
●   Industrial sales techniques
●   Retail sales techniques
●   Service sales techniques
●    Wholesale sales techniques

●   Customer service excellence
●   Guest Relations
●   Dealing with objections, complaints & difficult customers
●   Principles of successful appearance
●   Manage difficult people and complaints
●   Management of difficult situations
●   Customer service (Level 1.2)
●    Effective customer service and development of communication skills
●   Customer Service and Professional Behavior for first-line employees
●   Serving emotionally charged customers
●   Laboratory of communication and corporate values
●   Talk confidently
●   Customer Service Excellence for frontline employees (facilities team)

●   Bartenders seminar for hotels
●   Basic Hospitality education
●   Basic principles of oenology
●   Carving of fruits & vegetables
●   Creation of a restaurant's wine identity
●   Customer Service And Upselling Technique
●   Customer service for reception and service departments
●   Customer service in restaurant departments
●   Fire safety, fire prevention and control (Level 1,2,3)
●  First aid training
●   Food safety and hygiene (Acert)
●   Food safety and hygiene (Efet)
●   Host seminar (Level 1.2)
●   Hotel sales techniques (for sales department)
●   Housekeeping department training (Level 1.2)
●   Interdepartmental cooperation
●   Kitchen seminar (Level 1)
●   Liquid cell safety-lifeguard
●   Quality customer service of 1st line and / or 2nd line employees
●   Quality host customer service
●   Quality Service (Level 1.2)
●   Quality service in the housekeeping department
●   Quality service in the service department
●   Restaurant art
●   Safety supervisor of swimming pools
●   Sales techniques for booking departments
●   Sales techniques for food departments
●   Service department training (Level 1.2)
●   Strategic income planning of a hotel
●   Training in basic and special functions of a hotel human resources department
●   Training of a la carte restaurant staff

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